Out of Africa

Between Andrea and her friends, there were hundreds of Africa photos and these are my favorite.

Finally landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport:

We’re in AFRIKA!

Stayed first night at Bible College in Nairobi:

And did cross-cultural training at university (learned words, phrases and songs in Swahili and Luo):

Scenes from 8-hour bus ride to Siaya:

Don’t knock over the potatoes…

Little Madea Faith, who politely shook Andrea’s hand and won her heart…

Flies ate at all the children’s scrapes:

Mode of transportation around Siaya:

Hang on!

Andrea said branches would slap them in the face but the good thing was, they could pick mangoes to eat.  HA.

Always a bumpy ride.

Andrea said this little girl always had a big smile. She’s beautiful!

Main house living room:

Girls’ sleeping house:

Next-door neighbors:

Andrea blowing bubbles:

Main house kitchen:

Rainbow over girls’ sleeping house:


Andrea said they saw the Southern Cross each night… along with a billion stars:

Andrea’s favorite boy:

Planting a tree:

On safari:

At Kenya/Tanzania border:

Teaching in Kibera (Kenya’s largest slums):

Lunch in Kibera:

And even though she is still taking her malaria pills, she already wants to go back.

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3 thoughts on “Out of Africa

  1. WOW. I am speechless over these photos. What an amazing experience. I can see why she would want to go back. Those photos of the kids make my heart ache though…

  2. My Pet Shadow

    Love the ghostly cross in the last pic – green at the top for Africa and red, white, and blue on the horizontals for the US.

  3. Wow – I noticed the cross but not the colors.. that’s amazing!

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