Night of Chocolate

Saturday night Andrea and I picked up her 3 little half-sisters and 1 cousin for an evening of making the pretzel-kissy-thingies I’ve been making for years.  I got a big bag of pretzels and a big bag of kisses and a big bag of m&ms.. that’s all ya need.  But the day before I came across this easy peanut cluster recipe and I had to try it.  So first thing, we got out the crockpot and dumped in peanuts and a variety of sweet, semi-sweet, and white chocolates, and set over to the side.

On to the pretzel-kissy-thingies and lots of silly posing..

First up is upwrapping all those delicious kisses.  Ana holds a plate of about 1/100th of the total.

A couple sheets ready for the oven…

Straight outta the oven – smush the m&m’s on top:

“My tummy hurts…”  “Come on! There’s more chocolate to eat!”

…and bake. Lots more.

Peanut cluster ingredients were still melting in the crockpot, so we went to the park.

Then came back and painted our toenails.  Finally, around midnight, it was time to stir:

…and cool.  We were done around 1am.  Sleepy, full, and a bit sick.  And very happy.

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