Here a Year

It feels so good to NOT be MOVING this summer!  I had to move the last TWO summers and this year I am happy to just stay put.  It’s fun to even compare what I was going through this time the last two years, so I can feel better about my life and situation right now.  A lot of things are just easier.

Two years ago, Andrea was getting ready to start college for freshman year.  She and I basically knew nothing about the university she had enrolled in or how everything was going to work.  She had no friends there and I’d never lived without her at home.  This year she moved into her dorm with ease and was greeted by her friends since freshman year that are pretty much sisters to her now.

Two years ago, I was newly divorced when I moved from what had been our family home to a two-bedroom apartment.  Last year I moved from that apartment into my three-bedroom townhome.  This year – it bares repeating – I do not have to move!  It feels fantastic! (I couldn’t decide if it was “bares” or “bears” repeating and the internet is more confused on the subject than I am).

Following are a few pictures from year 1 at River Townhouse.  The first time Andrea brought two friends over for Sunday dinner, this was where I found them afterward:

Sleeping sideways has been a theme.  Andrea brought 4 friends home another weekend and I traded my king size bed with them for Andrea’s twin.  The result was adorable.

Morning shot:

There are things I started doing again that I hadn’t felt like doing in ages, cooking and baking being a big one but also, crafts.  When I was getting ready to come home from Kentucky a year and a half ago, part of the “after care” plans and suggestions came not just from the therapists but from other clients as well.  This 21 year old boy, Jake, had been my biggest enemy and antagonist but also, one of my greatest friends.  I used to cry how much “I HATE HIM!!” but we both voiced how much we valued each others’ feedback all the same.  It was weird.

When he was done with his time in Kentucky, he went home and soon died from a drug overdose.  The first time I had a desire to craft in years, I thought of Jake.

Remember when you said I should take up knitting as a distraction or a hobby for my after care plan? I do. It pissed me off because I don’t see myself as a “knitting” kind of girl. So I came back to KC and did a bunch of 4 wheel driving and tried to get my commercial driver’s license to drive a big truck (failed)… :( But, today I found myself obsessed with these little spring mouse crafts. Obsessed! They’re so much fun!! I can’t stop making them and if I had your address in heaven I’d send you some of these beady-eyed little fuckers.

Working on crafts for the kids I monitored on the Headstart bus:

Andrea home for Christmas break and grumpy Roxy:

Ribbon candy curls!:

The first time Andrea and I ever came to check out these townhouses we were greeted by Legs.  Could we have named this stray cat any other name?

By the time we moved in, a neighbor had semi-claimed Legs and was feeding him, but he still spent most of his time outside (and trying to get in):

Of course, Roxy shoots me death rays whenever I give in.

The boys next door bring home baby animals from their dad’s farm.  I call Andrea at school and say “Come home, the boys have little chickies!” or “kitties!” or “baby bunnies!”

Sign greeting Andrea when she came home from Afrika!:

So even though it doesn’t seem like I’ve done much to my little home, I’m happy with this year of settling in.  I have plans to paint hopefully over the second year.  I’m liking this muted red for some of the entrance and living room:

And this color named “Dusk” for the upstairs hall:

And green-blue for the kitchen:

Of course I’ll be posting any and all progress.  By the way, it was one year ago TODAY that I got the keys to this place.  AHHH.  I’m so glad I’m already moved in.

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