Hey, I’m Kristine.  I’m 43 and live in Kansas City.  I have one child, Andrea, who is 20.  Here we are:

And here we are:

She looks like her dad.

She’s away at college now and I’m divorced so I’m an empty-empty nester.  I’m trying to make a full life for myself, though, which you may get hints of from my blog.  Some things about me:

  • I take pictures of everything.

  • I love the smell of gasoline.  LOVE.
  • It bugs me that Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet isn’t invisible.
  • I’ve had so many dreams where I realize I’m naked that I periodically check, in real life, to make sure I’m clothed.
  • I still haven’t gotten anyone to tattoo my name on their bicep.

I guess those are the big things.

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