BRIT-NAYY! nails.

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2 thoughts on “BRIT-NAYY! nails.

  1. Hi Kristine.

    Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes! It appears that we are neighbors of least in the KC area.

    I really enjoyed looking around your blog. And I can relate…on a couple of things. First, I love driving through north central/east/western Missouri. Especially in fall. I’ve been to Marceline a couple of times when I used to work for a U.S. Senator.

    Second, I truly understand taking a moment one day, stepping back, and realizing that your life is nothing like you thought or planned it to be. For us it is/was infertility. My houseful of children is finished at 3…but since I have 5 in heaven I’m not complaining. Just stating it is not what I envisioned growing up and playing house!

    Anyway, i enjoyed your “About” page and think your daughter is beautiful. She was pretty darn cute when she was little too! Hope the empty-nester period of adjustment is going well and allowing you to explore all the new possibilities that life holds.

    BTW…my husband is from Iowa and LoVes Hy-Vee! :) And that truck driving competition is big business! ;)


  2. Those are some fancy-dancy nails! I’ve enjoyed reading through several of your past posts, and it made me smile to know that the dreaming tree was a cottonwood.

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