In the Neighborhood

My fall wreath:

I’m still loving my townhouse.  Still enjoying settling in here at the one year mark.  I’ve had nothing but friendly encounters and I’ve always felt safe, even with the occasional police visits for domestic stuff nearby.. that just adds some interest and excitement in my book.  We do have a horror story going on in the neighborhood – not in the townhouse complex, but just outside.  The Lisa Irwin missing baby house is just two blocks away.

Today marks the 12th day police have been looking for that baby.  There are many theories about what happened – from the parents’ claim that someone came in her nursery window and snatched her to all the ways the parents could be lying – I just hope they get some answer soon.  That poor baby.

Here’s what I know:  That first day, the police searched my townhouse.  Well, not just my townhouse, everyone’s, but it is a weird feeling to get your place searched while you’re answering questions outside.  “Oh, what DID I do last night?  What if a baby IS in my house?”  It’s weird!

Helicopters are such an all-day daily presence that it’s going to seem quiet once this is over.  So are all the news vans at the family’s house.

Day and night the vans are parked around that family’s house, and at night it’s lit with that glowy, spooky lighting:

Sure hope they find the answers soon.

On a happy note, my 7-year old niece in Arizona has started writing me letters and Andrea and I collected autumn leaves to send her since she doesn’t live in Missouri anymore.

Andrea came home for the first time this weekend, which paid off bigtime for her cause she got this:

I went with some friends to the only place they ever go – this neighborhood Mexican restaurant – and one of the other regulars was celebrating his 63rd birthday:

HA.  Then our waitress told us how much she’d decorated her house for Halloween, so after we all caravanned to check it out.

It was pretty cool and I’m having a really nice October.

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One thought on “In the Neighborhood

  1. wow, crazy that’s right down the street from you? That story doesn’t look like it’s going to have a good ending.

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