Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Swedish Fish

Yesterday Andrea and I took her little sisters and brother to the zoo.

Without meaning, Andrea and Anna were total twins:

We saw the usual… monkeys, giraffes, kangaroos.  Rode the camels and fed the lambs.  Watched the new polar bear swim.  But I was most enthralled with..this lady’s hair:

I’d been waiting to make Andrea a fishbowl jello since she loves oceanography so much.  Yesterday morning I thought I’d have time, but we had to leave for the zoo before the jello was setting at all.  The plan had been to insert the fish once the “water” was setting a little.  Once home last night it, of course, had completely set so I just jammed the fishies in and threw some on the top.  HA!  Not the look I was going for:

Whatever, it still tastes good.

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One thought on “Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Swedish Fish

  1. Judi

    HAHA.. Looks like the fish are floating…lol

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