Table Talk

I went out to dinner with a few friends Saturday night.  A couple of husbands got on the subject of how long their wives took getting ready to go anywhere and that women always make things complicated.  With a nod and smile towards me, one husband said “Oh, I don’t know, I bet Krissy is simple.”

Was he insulting me or flirting with me?  Either way… awkward.

Then someone brought up one of the wives being pregnant, which I didn’t realize she was and asked how far along.  Her husband looked at their margaritas and at me and said, “It’s fine for her to have a little bit of alcohol.”  I hadn’t thought about it, went on with a side conversation I was having, but when I looked back at him he implored “No really, it really is okay for her to have a little bit.  It wont hurt anything.”  I assured him I wasn’t worried and how in our parents’ generation they all smoked and drank throughout the nine months.

Swear to God next time he caught my gaze he said, “I read it may actually be good for the baby.  Because of antioxidants.  If she drinks a little ..and it wont hurt anything.”

Oh my God! I don’t care! I don’t care if your baby comes out with a small head and an affinity for alleys – just leave me alone!

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