“…So what could I do but laugh and go.” – Le Gallienne

I have always loved how my friend Brenda describes her procrastination.  She tells the story of how she’ll need to clean house for a party but then notice a tear in the wallpaper inside the coat closet and end up re-papering the closet as guests are arriving.  She gets distracted.

She has always reminded me of my grandma, whose favorite poem was that one that starts:  “I meant to do my work today, but a brown bird sang in the apple tree, and all the leaves were calling me…”

Love that poem.  Last weekend Andrea was to come home and bring 4 or 5 friends for the weekend.  She did this strained whisper to me over the phone: “mommy is the house clean?”  It made me laugh.  The house was okay, but I was definitely going to do some deep cleaning for her beloved, treasured friends.  I even skipped school to have the whole day to scrub.  But then I got this idea about making the medicine cabinets pretty by decoupaging scrapbook paper inside them.

Both bathrooms have big, square, plain white medicine cabinets.  I could not resist flirting with this idea until I found myself at Hobby Lobby pouring over the scrapbook paper.  Here is the downstairs medicine cabinet before:

And after:

Upstairs medicine cabinet before:

And after:

A really fun project!  I love it!  Of course I would have thoughts about how the girls were not even going to see the inside of the medicine cabinets while here.. but those thoughts didn’t linger around much.  They ended up cancelling that weekend anyway!

Now someone who has never done much procrastinating is my dad.  He’s always working on something (probably because that grandma that never cleaned was his mom)!  I loved this cute email exchange with him…

Dad:  That beautiful little bird house you gave us finally was put to rest. I had repaired it a couple of times but it finally became unrepairable! I decided to take it apart and use its floor plan and design to make another one to replace it.  So check out the attachment…

Me:  I LOVE the new birdhouse!  And the fact that you said “floor plan” of the old one.  hahaha.

Dad:  We’re waiting for the furniture to arrive!!! Mom and Dad

Also, speaking of love, this may be my favorite picture of all time of Andrea:

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