Live by the Sea

Since Andrea was a little girl she has said she is going to live by the sea and I believe her.  Things she says like that have a tendency to come true.

Sometimes I wonder if I will go with her, though I’m more a forest type of girl.  Oregon has both, right?  But Andrea wants to live somewhere warm year-round, with hot sunny beaches to go swimming on Christmas Day.. if she wants.  Not me.  Today I went to the Holiday Homes Tour of Pendleton Heights, a historic neighborhood in Kansas City.  The day was gray and cold, everyone in coats and hats while the inside of each house was so cozy and warm, bathing us in candlelight, firesides, peppermint and sugar cookies.  What a perfect Saturday after Thanksgiving… the first real day of the Christmas Season.

In this house the owner had made a stocking for each fur-baby:

Love this:

Not part of the tour, but my favorite home in the neighborhood:

Back at home, Andrea was doing her Thanksgiving break homework.  And maybe dreaming of graduate school and a career somewhere we don’t know exactly, yet, but is already waiting for her with seahorses and corals and her hot, hot salty-sandy sun.

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4 thoughts on “Live by the Sea

  1. Jenn

    I’m a forest person, too. And yes, western OR and WA have both! I have to live somewhere with lots and lots of trees, geological features (can’t be totally flat), and at least some change of seasons. I could do without snow, but I don’t want “winter” to be 70 degrees.

  2. Hi Jenn! I love snow but I wish winter only lasted through New Year’s Day ;)

  3. MissChicago

    took the PendleHeights tour as well (first time — and so random, I just heard about it over public radio). and totally enjoyed it — I share a favorite, i.e., the artist’s craftsman style house. so cool.

  4. Wasn’t it a great day, Miss Chicago and do you have a blog? :)

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