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Happy Birthday, Jesus

I’m so glad you were born.

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It’s Christmas Eve

Here is Andrea’s sweet little tree.

This was her dad and my ornament the year she was born:

And our ornament the next year:

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Tree, Ready for its Closeup

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Years ago I realized I liked my first name with my middle initial, D.  It turned my name to past tense, as in “Kristined” and I used it for my blog title of that time:  “Prepare to be Kristined.”  But I never even figured out until recently what Andrea’s name can do.  With the M from Michelle, she becomes Andream, which sounds like “and dream.”  It’s so pretty.

A thing about Andream is she gets interested in something random and immediately starts learning all she can about it by watching youtube clips, buying whatever necessary props, and practicing her new found hobby zealously.  I felt sorry for our neighbors when she got into tap dancing.  We lived in an upstairs apartment with hardwood floors and that summer she was home she practiced at least an hour a day in our living room!  It’s funny now, but I refused to get her a portable tap dancing floor – though I did buy her the tap shoes she wanted for her birthday.  (And actually, that portable floor couldn’t have been any louder than our wood one).

Right now she is suddenly taken with painting.  The interest hit like a tornado.  I mean, yesterday she couldn’t be more bored to hear about/look at/attempt any painting.. but today she’s googling how long oil paints dry and spending any extra money on canvases.  I guess since she knows these interests eventually blow over, she squeezes every little tiny thing out of them as quickly as she possibly can.  This all looks like a tornado, too.  It has affected every room of our small house and here is just one area before she came home.

Same area today.

Now I’m not really complaining about her affliction, it’s usually interesting ..and usually comical.  And the impatience of it all, well I’m certain she got it from me.  I know that sudden, violent, HAVE-TO DO and/or HAVE RIGHT NOW feeling.  Thursday she woke up and told me how her roommate has been obsessing over whether or not to cut her hair for at least two months and keeps asking Andrea’s opinion.  As soon as Andrea said, “I wonder if I should get MINE cut?” I was already making her an appointment.  “Oh my gosh that would be so adorable!  Why haven’t we done it sooner?  Let’s go get your hair cut!”  And we made an appointment with just enough time to get there.

I was right.  It’s adorable.

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I win!

Hands down I drew the worst/best white elephant gift of the party.

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I am going to be such a good granny.

The fairies that live in our house have decorated their front door for Christmas.

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A Day in December

I’m going to a Christmas Tea today and I made these to take.  I think they turned out so cute!

Andrea finished her finals and now will be home for a month.  She brought presents and I think it’s funny how the Santa gift bags she got look exactly like the Santa of the wrapping paper I got.

You’ve heard of the Elf on the Shelf..  that spying little elf doll that runs home to Santa every night to report if you’re being naughty and finds a new spot to watch from each day?  Well at our house, we have wonky-eyed Santa:

This was an ornament on my mom’s tree that has always scared Andrea.  He lives with us now to watch Andrea and is fully ready to tattle to the North Pole.

The complex where I live is undergoing renovations.  The outside is getting new siding and shingles and a cute little roof over each front door entrance.  I like the improvements but Andrea and I both wish they would keep the arched shape somehow.  She because it’s “unique” and me, because it looks like a heart.  Especially when next-door neighbors go in together on the Christmas lights!

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Finally Home

I have been feeling happy alot lately, and when I say lately.. I am speaking of about the past 4-6 months.  It’s amazing.  I can recall a time before that that I seemed to be always sad.  When I separated and divorced my ex-husband (late 08 and early 09) life was so, so dark.  And I’ve been waiting for that time when life feels normal again.  When I look around and recognize myself and how I’m living as “me.”  Not just somewhere I got lost and stuck.

I vividly recall a phone call with a friend a year and a half ago.  Carol walked onto her front porch while we were speaking and exclaimed, “It’s a gorgeous day out here!”  I could hear the smile and even her eyes twinkling while she spoke it.  It didn’t help my mood and, in a way, only made it worse.  What did I care what the weather was.. I was miserable no matter what.  And knowing others were enjoying themselves made me feel even more alone.  I never thought I’d ever care again what the weather was.

How times have changed!  I find so much joy in every day living that it’s hard to believe that person was me.  I feel loved and cared for and given attention – and even understood – by so many friends, relatives, and most of all God.  I’m so close to God right now and I love it.

Two years ago I wrote this post about how I still slept on “my side” of the bed.  How I couldn’t, in fact, even sleep on the other side let alone the middle.  I don’t know what made me think of it but I recently realized that’s another thing that somewhere along the line finally changed.  I used to sleep like this:

And now I sleep on any part of the bed – on either side or the middle – but usually like this:

I don’t know why, but it’s my favorite right now :)

Also, this was my latest Facebook status:

It’s been three years and I do believe.. I have come out the other side.

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Only 14 Days!

My Christmas wreath:

Candles and a sprig of mistletoe:

I love Christmas and I love my cozy house.

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I had ten inches cut off!


HA that was the best self portrait I could get.  I’ll post a better picture of it soon.

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