Finally Home

I have been feeling happy alot lately, and when I say lately.. I am speaking of about the past 4-6 months.  It’s amazing.  I can recall a time before that that I seemed to be always sad.  When I separated and divorced my ex-husband (late 08 and early 09) life was so, so dark.  And I’ve been waiting for that time when life feels normal again.  When I look around and recognize myself and how I’m living as “me.”  Not just somewhere I got lost and stuck.

I vividly recall a phone call with a friend a year and a half ago.  Carol walked onto her front porch while we were speaking and exclaimed, “It’s a gorgeous day out here!”  I could hear the smile and even her eyes twinkling while she spoke it.  It didn’t help my mood and, in a way, only made it worse.  What did I care what the weather was.. I was miserable no matter what.  And knowing others were enjoying themselves made me feel even more alone.  I never thought I’d ever care again what the weather was.

How times have changed!  I find so much joy in every day living that it’s hard to believe that person was me.  I feel loved and cared for and given attention – and even understood – by so many friends, relatives, and most of all God.  I’m so close to God right now and I love it.

Two years ago I wrote this post about how I still slept on “my side” of the bed.  How I couldn’t, in fact, even sleep on the other side let alone the middle.  I don’t know what made me think of it but I recently realized that’s another thing that somewhere along the line finally changed.  I used to sleep like this:

And now I sleep on any part of the bed – on either side or the middle – but usually like this:

I don’t know why, but it’s my favorite right now :)

Also, this was my latest Facebook status:

It’s been three years and I do believe.. I have come out the other side.

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2 thoughts on “Finally Home

  1. This gives me hope!

  2. My Pet Shadow

    I told you you’d get there!

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