Life Imitates You-Know-What

Andrea’s freshman year of college, a friend gave her a painting she’d done.  It was an African scene and, while Rachel had never been, she had a heart for Africa.  Andrea’d never really thought about it.

But this colorful painting hung on the dorm wall her entire freshman year and the first part of sophomore one, too, when Andrea suddenly got the chance to go on a missions trip to Africa!

And now Africa and her experiences there have a huge part of Andrea’s heart.  What kind of wonders did that painting bring about?  I kept telling Rachel I wanted her to paint me something, too.  I wanted her to paint me something great into existence.  She would ask me “well, what?” and I didn’t know.. I wanted the universe to decide.  And she wasn’t really painting anymore so it never happened.

But then Andrea started painting over Christmas break her junior year (this year).  So I asked HER to paint me something.  She asked me “well, what?” and I still didn’t know.  She painted this:

Isn’t she fabulous?  So free.  One of Andrea’s very first paintings she’s ever done.  My favorite colors are purple and red so that’s why she’s dancing with them.

Just over the past couple of weeks Andrea’s completed so many paintings.  She is really getting good.  This one’s my favorite:

Quite a few feature girls with long hair in extremely long flowing dresses.  They remind me of the girl from a Trident commercial that I loved so much that I had saved these screen shots from last year.  I saved them because they were how I want to feel:

I don’t think Andrea’s choice of painting for me could be any better.  And maybe it will work some magic like Rachel’s did for her.  I already feel on my way there..  to some sort of gorgeously free, flowy, dancing, beautiful-girl feeling for life.

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