The neighbor kids are always pounding on my door wanting to see what I’ve been up to and I love them for it.  I don’t want to disappoint so I tell them anything I’ve done and they award me with enthusiasm.  Today was great because I’ve been painting so much – the green-blue in the kitchen and a rose color on the staircase – plus I haven’t put away all the Christmas decorations AND Andrea has snack food to take back to school all out on the kitchen table.

They tore through the house oohing and ahhing and then blast back out the front door to friends waiting on bikes.  Remember they talk in all caps, so I was left hearing:  SHE PAINTED HER HOUSE PINK AND GREEN!  SHE HAS PRESENTS!  I TOLD YOU SHE WAS THE BEST NEIGHBOR!  I LOVE CHERRY POPTARTS!  AND… SHE IS WEARING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DRESS!

I almost spit out my Dr. Pepper on that last one.  I’m wearing one of my old skirts I got in India and I really wear them now like aprons.  They’re the most comfortable thing I own and I can wipe my hands on them or wipe down whatever I’m working on.  I’ve even torn off strips so they’re basically rags!  I always feel like a bag lady in them and today was wearing argyle socks to complete the look!

But neighbor girl thinks the look is beautiful and I realized it’s because I am colorful and flowy.  Told you I was working towards some sort of gorgeously free, flowy, dancing, beautiful-girl feeling for life and with kids like her showing up with encouragement, I may be able to get there.

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