Nothing to worry about

Andrea is taking a marine biology class this summer in the Caribbean.. living on a yacht with 7 other students and three instructors while earning scuba and sailing certification, as well as 3 college credits.  Of course I’m worried about her.  Mostly I’m excited for her and I’m getting pretty good about giving my worries and fears to God but she and I both have a protective nature regarding each other and I have to work at keeping it in check for my sanity.

I was elated that she finally was able to call me on Sunday.  They had the day off and were spending it on St. Barts where, she said, they had met the President of Venezuela’s son.  He was in the process of buying them food and drinks all afternoon – she had snuck off to call me – and they were all having fun.  As I hung up the phone I tried to push out of my mind the image of her swimming with a shark (“a little one, mommy”) and getting stung by “something in the seagrass.”  So I decided to think of something fun, “the President of Venezuela’s son, huh?  I wonder what he looks like?  I wonder how old he is?  I wonder if he likes Andrea??”

So I googled him.  I came upon his dad’s wikipedia page and the only thing on the entire internet to say anything about this first son was included in this sentence:

Chávez and Colmenares remained married for 18 years, during which time they had three children: Rosa Virginia, María Gabriela, and Hugo Rafael, the latter of whom suffers from behavioural problems.

Emphasis mine.  You can’t make this stuff up.

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8 thoughts on “Nothing to worry about

  1. Meredith

    Hilarious! You’re right, you can’t make this stuff up. As if living on a yacht all summer wasn’t the stuff made of dreams, meeting the son of a foreign dignitary that is throwing money around one afternoon in St. Barts!!!! I about spit out my coffee after the Wiki Page! Try to keep it together, Mom – trust your parenting. Andrea seems like a very capable young woman – she easily can keep a young over-indulged prince in line!

  2. Meredith, your comments are always completely awesome!! :)

  3. Taylor is going into her second year of college, and as I’ve watched Andrea grow up I have seen bits of my own daughter. I hope she is grows to be as courageous and adventurous as Andrea is and that I carry as much grace as you.

  4. Hi Judi!! And thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so excited to see you have a new blog…. I’m off to work – ugh – but hope to look at your adorably-named site tonight :) :)

  5. And oh my gosh, that is just not possible that Taylor is a sophomore in college ;)

  6. Wikipedia: kind of HARSH a boy. Heh. : )

  7. K: Right?? lol

  8. So glad to see some post – guess who else posted on her blog????

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