Mother/Daughter Life

Andrea’s on Day 15 of her Caribbean adventure and I’m missing her.  I was thinking about the day we spent at the job fair for the new aquarium that was to be opening in Kansas City this past April.  It was a cold, rainy Sunday in March and she wanted me to go with her.  They had 150-200 jobs to fill and expected 700 people but over 1500 showed up.  We were there for THIRTEEN HOURS but Andrea walked away with a coveted job.

Somewhere around Hour 10:

Map of Sea Life:

Andrea – Education Specialist!

Then we had Mother/Daughter weekend which has become one of my favorite traditions.  Friday night they treated us to makeovers and I got a manicure while Andrea got some smokey eyes (that she couldn’t wait to rub off).

Saturday was the brunch and thank goodness we didn’t have to play the purse game again this year.

In the hotel lobby was this statue:

Of course we had to pose by her.

We had fun even without the naked lady:

For some reason this is my favorite.

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