The Year of Carol’s Wedding

One of my best friends got engaged in February and I had so much fun helping her with the planning and also the whirlwind celebrations…

This was the cake at their surprise engagement party:

And then right before her gigantic bridal shower, she had to have her thyroid taken out… AND developed an infection and went back into the hospital.  Not good timing while planning a wedding!

Another friend and I at the shower.  We’d already had our rings stolen from the Ring Game:

The Ring Game winner:

I’m the official photographer at alot of our gatherings.  I took a ton of pictures at the shower, and while I was flipping through them noticed this one of Carol and Lucy…

…and couldn’t help but think how similar it was to one I took at last year’s deck party of them, shown below.

HA! They’re in the same position to each other, Carol’s mouth open, Lucy’s hand towards Carol, and lips pursed in both pictures.  It cracks me up!

Putting together wedding favor bags:

And here are two pictures from the Bachelorette Party.  The theme was – what else – penises.   Penis straws, penis cake, penis candles, penis centerpieces, even penis-shaped ice.

I may have had a little too much southern comfort, because once I learned some of the ladies didn’t know what a “pearl necklace” was, I had to demonstrate.  Using the giant inflatable penis.  For the video camera.

On the big day I had fun playing wedding coordinator.  And this post confirms one thing.. I’ve gotten really fat!

But don’t you worry!  I’ve started working on that.

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3 thoughts on “The Year of Carol’s Wedding

  1. you are still just as beautiful though

  2. Xavier Onassis

    You’re gorgeous!

  3. Thanks you guys :)

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