Anything that ends with “me.”

Called Andrea; “mommy i’m in class!”

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I want a change of scenery.

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I thought he said nice tits.

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I can’t call in sick… can I?

I tossed and turned and was wide awake all night, which, of course, was a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The dilemma this morning is this:  Monday’s here right on schedule but I need a nap.

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Freaky Friday

I’m going to work in my pj’s.  Everyone in my department is, so it’s not going to be like that dream where you realize you’re at work in your pj’s.  Well, in the dream you realize you’re naked.

Yesterday I overheard this near my cubicle:  “Deborah, what do you think is the sexiest font?”


New development at the kiddie porn house!


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I’m learning to feel less guilty.

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To make a long story short.

I decided I don’t want to wait until November to start the krissytinis.  I won’t title them as that would add a 7th word.  Anyone want to join me?  Name them whatever you want.  And you don’t have to post once a day.  Nobody cares.

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Mix It Up

My good friend, Fool, has been encouraging me to participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo.

Every November I’ve talked such shit about that thing, I can’t believe I just linked to it.  Not sure why it’s always bugged me – well I know there’s the sheep factor (when I want to write a novel, I’ll write a novel), and the name, good God.  And the fact that it inspired the even uglier named NaBloPoMo (again with the link?) which leads to awful postings around the web like “Well I’m really tired but I had to write something so this is my post.”


Still I feel I can’t say no to Fool.  I’ll just put my own twist on it.  I’m making up a cocktail of Nano, Nablo, with a splash of Six-Word Memoirs.  I’ll call it the Krissytini.  Ha!  That was stupid.

But I will.

Basically I’m going to write each day in November, slap it on my blog, and these writings will be limited to only six words.

So there’s that to look forward to in November.

My life? Don’t be jealous.

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A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Andrea’s dorm room is shaping up.  At first, her assigned roommate ended up going to community college and Andrea was disappointed to room alone… then she had a chance to live with someone and decided she wanted the room to herself.  I was shocked.  But I think part of her excitement had always been me telling her how I met Brenda by being roommates with her my freshman year.

All the girls in the hall are always in each other’s rooms anyway, and she likes to have the added space for her stuff.  /shrug

So I got a bedding set for the other bed and she calls it the “guest bed.”  Ha.  It may become my bed as I’ve been down there four times since she moved in (OUT!) a week and a half ago.  I miss her.  But I can always entice her by the words “Walmart Run!”

Guest bed (electric keyboard is usually on her extra desk, which works out great):

Dorm fridge:

No, those are not jello shots!

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I think my birthday is my favorite holiday.

This morning my parents sent me an email with the subject:  “July 16, 1968.”  Here are 5 photos from two thousand and nine…

Birthday sunrise:

It’s glorious!  Thanks, God!

My favorite cake (yellow with chocolate icing), brownies, cupcakes, cookies, chips, dip…..

They weren’t kidding about having fun at work.   I love my co-workers.

The Mexican even brought up a bunch of stuff for me at the office… the bottle of wine and the purple rose being two of them below:

Andrea took me out for my traditional birthday steak dinner.  I made a fantastic wish at dessert.

I know it isn’t even 24 hours along, but so far 41 is kicking ass.

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