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On Andrea and my visit to Sealife Aquarium:

Andrea’s birthday cake this year:

Pictures I found of the first time Andrea ever saw the ocean (from trip with mom and dad in 1997 to Southern California):

We got our favorites framed:

My favorite of her in Caribbean this summer:

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Andrea sent me this screen shot from when she looked at her phone this afternoon.  She said Emrald and I were texting her about different things and both texted “you should.”

So regarding Andrea’s life today, I’d say all signs point to YES!

I love how Emrald has the cute girly graphics after her name and mine looks like a headache commercial.  (Mine actually stand for home, work/pharmacy, and trees)!

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Summer School

Andrea wrote this on facebook of her summer adventure:

Marine Biology Program 2012

Sailing around the Caribbean on the Dan Marco, learning marine biology, and going on 20 dives – including shipwreck and night dives…livin on a boat like a pirate BOSS, basically. :) Also, I want this life forever…TAKE ME BACK!
She said even though she hates the slang “yolo” (you only live once), they lived by the motto YOPO.  You’re only a pirate once.  :)  These are my favorite pictures.

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Kauffman Gardens

It was so beautiful at Kauffman Gardens during Mother/Daughter weekend this year.  This was a day in MARCH!  I wished I’d worn a sundress like the girls.

The Emrald Statue:

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Mother/Daughter Life

Andrea’s on Day 15 of her Caribbean adventure and I’m missing her.  I was thinking about the day we spent at the job fair for the new aquarium that was to be opening in Kansas City this past April.  It was a cold, rainy Sunday in March and she wanted me to go with her.  They had 150-200 jobs to fill and expected 700 people but over 1500 showed up.  We were there for THIRTEEN HOURS but Andrea walked away with a coveted job.

Somewhere around Hour 10:

Map of Sea Life:

Andrea – Education Specialist!

Then we had Mother/Daughter weekend which has become one of my favorite traditions.  Friday night they treated us to makeovers and I got a manicure while Andrea got some smokey eyes (that she couldn’t wait to rub off).

Saturday was the brunch and thank goodness we didn’t have to play the purse game again this year.

In the hotel lobby was this statue:

Of course we had to pose by her.

We had fun even without the naked lady:

For some reason this is my favorite.

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Angel tree lit up at night


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Pay Attention

I feel like I’m on the verge of something beautiful.  Or maybe I’m in the midst of it, knowing me I probably am.

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There’s more room in a broken heart.

I’ve been working like a crazy woman trying to get a bunch of home stuff done before I start my new job on Monday!  I don’t know why I do this – these projects have been looming forever – yet I suddenly need them all done yesterday.

I was painting the upstairs hall (“Dusk”) when I decided to paint the shutters I salvaged from a friend’s house the same color.  I couldn’t bear for these shutters to get scrapped when she remodeled.. I still remember her directing me the first time I went over there years ago, it was “the house with the heart shutters.”  I’ve always thought they were so cute and cottage-y.

I may eventually hang them up, but for now they sit flanking my bed.

I think this one on the left looks like it has an arrow through it:

They got so banged up during removal and I spent a lot of time cleaning dirt and spiderwebs off of them.  But I did no sanding and just quickly brushed one coat of paint and they’re perfect.

I have a soft spot for any heart that’s been put through the wringer.

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