Loved ones.

I think my birthday is my favorite holiday.

This morning my parents sent me an email with the subject:  “July 16, 1968.”  Here are 5 photos from two thousand and nine…

Birthday sunrise:

It’s glorious!  Thanks, God!

My favorite cake (yellow with chocolate icing), brownies, cupcakes, cookies, chips, dip…..

They weren’t kidding about having fun at work.   I love my co-workers.

The Mexican even brought up a bunch of stuff for me at the office… the bottle of wine and the purple rose being two of them below:

Andrea took me out for my traditional birthday steak dinner.  I made a fantastic wish at dessert.

I know it isn’t even 24 hours along, but so far 41 is kicking ass.

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Andddd, she’s 18.

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Looking Backward into the Future

My parents graduating college together in 1952 (same year as their first date, which was in January):

My daughter and her boyfriend graduating high school together last month:

They’re going to the same college as each other in the fall so we’ll see what happens.

My parents are still together.

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The Graduate

I’m so proud of her!

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My baby. My only baby.

Oh my gosh, wish me luck at work today.  This evening is the girl’s high school graduation and I cried for 3 hours last night before, during, and after I gave her some gifts.  I got her a set of luggage and the book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” which we sat on the floor in my bedroom and read aloud together.

I told her to not get any funny ideas.  The theme I was presenting was that I will support and encourage her going off to college, possibly going away in the Peace Corps, being a Spanish major and living abroad, anything she could possibly get the chance to do….. but don’t ever forget your mommy!  Don’t think for a second that I want you to go.  Birds don’t really want to push the chickies out of the nest.  It’s just what has to happen.

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Happy Spoil Me Day

You know, the Mexican would’ve mowed my lawn… was coming over with his lawn mower last Saturday to mow my lawn… but I got mad about something, shouted “just take me home!” and said I didn’t want to see him.  Or his stupid lawn mower, right?

We made up Thursday.  I think we always made up within a day before so this one lasted long.  Usually it’s me getting hot-headed and he asks, “What, are you trying to spice things up?”  That makes me laugh.

In honor of our making up, I’ll finally finish blogging about our little roadtrip getaway.

So we had the most relaxing time ever and then Sunday we drove to Manhattan.  I was told Manhattan, Kansas had a sign like the Hollywood sign so I was pissed off when I saw this:

It’s nothing like the Hollywood sign.  But it is big… and we did go up there.  And what did we see from up there?  MY INITIALS on the hill across town!

Wow, Manhattan.  What can I say?

Then today was an awesome Mother’s Day even though I became deathly ill and had to go to urgent care on a Sunday with no insurance and get tested for swine flu.  Yes, I have no medical insurance right now.  Ugh.  I also have no swine flu.  And thank God I finally have antibiotics and have stopped shivering with chills.  I cannot miss one single day of work… I have to get hired on permanently and get medical benefits!  Please God!

The girl was a sweetheart and got me a bunch of little gifts.  But of course, my favorite thing was on her card.

“P.S.  Let’s pretend I got this tattoo.”  I am so loved!

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