Andddd, she’s 18.

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My baby. My only baby.

Oh my gosh, wish me luck at work today.  This evening is the girl’s high school graduation and I cried for 3 hours last night before, during, and after I gave her some gifts.  I got her a set of luggage and the book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” which we sat on the floor in my bedroom and read aloud together.

I told her to not get any funny ideas.  The theme I was presenting was that I will support and encourage her going off to college, possibly going away in the Peace Corps, being a Spanish major and living abroad, anything she could possibly get the chance to do….. but don’t ever forget your mommy!  Don’t think for a second that I want you to go.  Birds don’t really want to push the chickies out of the nest.  It’s just what has to happen.

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Frankly, My Dear

This is what it looks like when you just don’t give a damn.

(Haven’t sold the house, yet.)

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