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I come across these all the time at work and they bug.

Really?  Cause to me it looks intentionally written on!

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“Don’t be sad… you can bring me baked goods!” – Andrea

A lady at work brought in S’more brownies and I got the recipe knowing Andrea would love them.  I plan on baking some and taking them to her and her new college friends.  I will keep asking ” Would you like s’more brownies?  Or s’more brownies?”

I will be the cool mom.

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A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Andrea’s dorm room is shaping up.  At first, her assigned roommate ended up going to community college and Andrea was disappointed to room alone… then she had a chance to live with someone and decided she wanted the room to herself.  I was shocked.  But I think part of her excitement had always been me telling her how I met Brenda by being roommates with her my freshman year.

All the girls in the hall are always in each other’s rooms anyway, and she likes to have the added space for her stuff.  /shrug

So I got a bedding set for the other bed and she calls it the “guest bed.”  Ha.  It may become my bed as I’ve been down there four times since she moved in (OUT!) a week and a half ago.  I miss her.  But I can always entice her by the words “Walmart Run!”

Guest bed (electric keyboard is usually on her extra desk, which works out great):

Dorm fridge:

No, those are not jello shots!

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