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Summer School

Andrea wrote this on facebook of her summer adventure:

Marine Biology Program 2012

Sailing around the Caribbean on the Dan Marco, learning marine biology, and going on 20 dives – including shipwreck and night dives…livin on a boat like a pirate BOSS, basically. :) Also, I want this life forever…TAKE ME BACK!
She said even though she hates the slang “yolo” (you only live once), they lived by the motto YOPO.  You’re only a pirate once.  :)  These are my favorite pictures.

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Spring Leftovers

Spring leftover pictures… that I gathered in the summer… and am posting now that it’s fall…

Andrea had this mother and daughter sent to me on Valentine’s Day.

I still need her to paint those little curls brown.

Spring front door:

I didn’t know if I’d get away with this, but I did.  I sent my niece Easter goodies from the post office right in the egg.

And Andrea helped me make Resurrection Rolls at Easter:

On Mother’s Day Andrea started a new tradition:  The Mother’s Day Pinata!  I’d never HAD a pinata before and I don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into.  Loved it!!

Then Andrea finished her junior year of college and came home. We got along so well this summer!

You can always tell when she’s home by the burn marks of her straightener.

Actually, right now she’s far, far away on her marine biology adventure and I’m ready for her to come back home for the rest of the summer.

*At the time of finally posting this, of course, she’s been long home and now back to college.  I need to gather my favorite pictures from her marine biology trip now :)

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