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Back to the Dorm

Why is Andrea’s roommate’s name so much bigger than Andrea’s?  My theory is the RA did the name tags alphabetically and by the time she got to “J” she couldn’t be bothered to keep it in the pink cloud.  I’ll go down to Zoe’s room next time I’m there.  If my theory holds water, her name won’t even fit on the tag.

Andrea and some good friends in her barren new room:

Before all the COLOR!:

And chair surfing!:

Somehow Andrea got the room with the thermostat that controls the temperature of the entire hall, ensuring her spot as big man on campus.

I kept teasing Andrea when we went out to get school supplies:  “Let’s go get your crayons!”  Then I see she actually brought her crayons.  I love it.

I miss my colorful girl.

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I’ve been down with so much anxiety lately but yesterday was pure bliss.

4-wheeling:  where have you been all my life??

I made it!

I want a job where I can do THIS all day.

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The neighbors are home.

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Now Playing

Andrea and I participated in a pledge drive last night.

We were cutting up.

Don’t we look like the angel and devil sitting on the speaker’s shoulders?:

They separated us.

Before leaving I had to check out the dressing room!

Public broadcasting stations do not have pimped out dressing rooms.  Lesson learned.

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Freaking Out Over Here

Well that job didn’t last long.  This temping thing is getting to me.  I need money.

I admitted my fantasy to Brenda, if I was thin enough, about just being a hooker.  Brenda asked, “Have you not ever SEEN Cops?  It’s not whether you’re thin enough… it’s whether you’re addicted-to-crack enough!”

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