When you live next door to BOYS

Last winter I came home one night and wondered, “Why is there a pair of men’s underwear on my front porch?”  They stayed there for the longest, too, since I didn’t want to touch them.

This morning I opened the door to this:

Boys are weird.

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[not sure, but the internet attributes this to] Plato:

Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.

[added by] Me:

Even our exes.

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The Year of Carol’s Wedding

One of my best friends got engaged in February and I had so much fun helping her with the planning and also the whirlwind celebrations…

This was the cake at their surprise engagement party:

And then right before her gigantic bridal shower, she had to have her thyroid taken out… AND developed an infection and went back into the hospital.  Not good timing while planning a wedding!

Another friend and I at the shower.  We’d already had our rings stolen from the Ring Game:

The Ring Game winner:

I’m the official photographer at alot of our gatherings.  I took a ton of pictures at the shower, and while I was flipping through them noticed this one of Carol and Lucy…

…and couldn’t help but think how similar it was to one I took at last year’s deck party of them, shown below.

HA! They’re in the same position to each other, Carol’s mouth open, Lucy’s hand towards Carol, and lips pursed in both pictures.  It cracks me up!

Putting together wedding favor bags:

And here are two pictures from the Bachelorette Party.  The theme was – what else – penises.   Penis straws, penis cake, penis candles, penis centerpieces, even penis-shaped ice.

I may have had a little too much southern comfort, because once I learned some of the ladies didn’t know what a “pearl necklace” was, I had to demonstrate.  Using the giant inflatable penis.  For the video camera.

On the big day I had fun playing wedding coordinator.  And this post confirms one thing.. I’ve gotten really fat!

But don’t you worry!  I’ve started working on that.

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So last month’s first date ended with me and my date’s 20-year-old son talking him down from shooting a train (something I didn’t even want to do – I wanted to see if he’d actually shoot the train), and I confirmed, I want a man that will lead me.  I don’t particularly *like* being the voice of reason in the relationship.

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On Andrea and my visit to Sealife Aquarium:

Andrea’s birthday cake this year:

Pictures I found of the first time Andrea ever saw the ocean (from trip with mom and dad in 1997 to Southern California):

We got our favorites framed:

My favorite of her in Caribbean this summer:

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This summer Andrea and I fostered kittens.  Even though you’d get new ones when you took one to the place to be adopted out.. this part was always HARD.

Hard but worth it.

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Must Love Pets

I understand blurring other faces on your dating profile, but this looks so creepy and stupid!  Why didn’t he crop it?

His next picture.. just WHY.

Then there’s THIS guy…

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Andrea sent me this screen shot from when she looked at her phone this afternoon.  She said Emrald and I were texting her about different things and both texted “you should.”

So regarding Andrea’s life today, I’d say all signs point to YES!

I love how Emrald has the cute girly graphics after her name and mine looks like a headache commercial.  (Mine actually stand for home, work/pharmacy, and trees)!

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Mums the Word

My friend Sheryl and I went to a farm to buy chrysanthemums today.

Such a beautiful October day!

We looked at pumpkins, too…

I just love Sheryl…

And now here’s my front step at home :)

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