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Just a few more days and it will have been one year since I even dated anyone.  This morning I happened upon recent wedding pictures of that “last man,” the guy I was dating last April.  Ain’t facebook grand.

Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t run from this guy fast enough and I’m delighted he found someone to love him.  But my ego is so egotistical.  Is it that easy to go on with life without me?

Rather than ask that, I like the ring of stating:  Life has something fantastic and wilder than my wildest dreams in store for me!

Yes, I like that alot.  I know it will be worth the wait.

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Time flies when you’re getting shots.

Two short years ago Andrea graduated from high school and I gave her a set of luggage and this book:

I’m remembering this because in May she is going to Africa!  Kansas City> Atlanta > Amsterdam >Nairobi by plane.  Then to the Kenyan village of Siaya by bus.  I am thrilled for her!  And jealous!

Me taking Andrea for her baby vaccinations, 1991:

And required for travel to Kenya, 2011:

Still my baby and that may have even been the same “mean old nurse.” ;)

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